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Info.Net Advantages

In-House Enterprise Installations
Cloud Access via the Internet
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100% Browser Based

User Configurable

  • The Info.Net system is fully Browser based. This means that users with logins and passwords can log on wherever there is a computer with a browser and a connection to your internal network or Internet.

  • There is no additional software to install on your M/S, Linux, or Apple workstations. You access the system via a normal browser. You only need to maintain a networked server if you deploy the system in-house.

  • Info.Net can also be deployed as part of an internal corporate network.

  • Real-time data offers an instantaneous view into supply chain operations.

  • With our Cloud option, you do not need to build an expensive communication infrastructure to use the Info.Net applications. You can simply access the Info.Net via the Internet.


  • Users can define how much of the system they require with flexible business-rule configurators, and because you get the entire package, you can expand your capabilities at any time.

  • Info.Net implementation is quick and easily modified to fit your business.

  • Functions can be used individually or combined to provide the necessary information tools.

  • Info.Net can be used to modify or replace all or part of an existing legacy system. There are data export and import functions.

  • Functional parameters can be modified to accommodate changing needs.

  • Info.Net is made to fit your business, instead of forcing your business to fit the system.

Adaptable Architecture

Why the Info.Net system will never become obsolete:

  • The Info.Net infomation system is built on a series of tightly coupled object layers that can be easily modified to accept new technologies.

  • A change in technologies (i.e. databases, communications, hardware, operating systems, or user interfaces) can be accommodated by changing the appropriate object layer.

  • This ensures that your investment in the system, training, and in your business process development will not become obsolete from a change in technology. See Architecture for further details.

Easy Configuration or Customization

  • The Info.Net system is built with a set of development tools that make it easy to personalize.

  • Info.Net has many built in functions that can be used to personalize each users requirements such as terminology and methodology.

  • We also guarantee that custom developments will integrate with future Info.Net releases, so your customized functions continue to work and you do not have an "orphan" system. See the Customization section of this site for more information.

Affordable Pricing

LAMAR Software offers two affordable pricing plans for Info.Net. See Pricing for more detailed information.
  1. Cloud Access Customers: One-time startup fee and a monthly user subscription fee.

  2. Enterprise Licenses: A one time concurrent user fee with an optional maintenance and support fee.

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