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The Info.Net system architecture is a layered structure. It was developed to separate every functional layer. This abstraction allows Info.Net to change, as new and better technologies appear.

Anatomy of our Information System

To access Info.Net you use a workstation connected to the Intranet/Internet. The workstation must be capable of running a Java-enabled WEB BROWSER.

Standard secure networking products are used to connect the user to the SERVER. These include the security model built into all modern browsers and a SECURE SOCKETS LAYER (SSL) connection between client and application. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Once the user has given a correct login and password to the server, the starting menu is passed to the user over the network.
  2. The starting menu lists the business applications that the user has security to work with. The company can give the user any one or all of 1000 business applications. These menu items can also run foreign applications such as a FEDEX , UPS or your Bank link.
  3. Once the Java Screen Handler applet is loaded, it establishes a secure connection to the server using SSL.
  4. As the user communicates with the server, the Java Interface Layer sends the screen definitions to the user's workstation for display.
  5. At this point the user is actually interacting through the network with the APPLICATIONS SOFTWARE LAYER on the server.

The SQL layer is available to users that have security clearance. SQLPeek gives the user "point and click" access to filter and/or sort the data in any table. It also allows the user to create and run complex exception reports. The SQL system also can be used to define custom reports that can be put on a user's menu.

APPLICATIONS SOFTWARE LAYER (ASL) is where all of the business functions and workflows are defined. The ASL is the host of all business rules, logic and functions that are required to operate a manufacturing, distribution or service business. The ASL contains all of the business logic that defines how the application programs do their jobs.

DATABASE ACCESS LAYER (DAL) is designed to abstract the applications from the database. This layer contains the definitions of the different database functions that our applications use. By defining the functions in this layer, we gain the ability to switch to any relational database, to accommodate technology changes.

RELATIONAL DATABASE (RDB) It is here that your business data is actually stored. The RDB also contains the data definitions that define and link a sales order, item, delivery, and remarks. We currently support the MySql and C-Scribe relational databases.

HARDWARE/OPERATING SYSTEM LAYER (H/W-O/S) This is the hardware operating system combination that our server based applications run on.

The operating systems we run on are the Unix/Linux systems that run on a variety of hardware platforms. We currently support Sun Microsystems, IBM, and HP via Solaris or Redhat Linux installations.

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