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Cloud Access

LAMAR Software offers the complete Info.Net system through our own hosting service. Since 2003, we have been successfully hosting our enterprise applications via the Internet.

Cloud Hosting Solution:

LAMAR's server farms are designed for mission-critical applications with full redundant hardware and communications capabilities.

We provide an application knowledgeable staff, not just tech support from a commercial hosting company.

Since our server farms only cater to LAMAR clients, we have optimized our security procedures for our users. We do not allow general public access to the sites.

As a Service Provider, we are able to optimize systems administration, hardware and communication issues to provide the highest level of service to our users. This provides the flexibility to immediately respond to changing requirements.

This hosted option provides access to Info.Net via the Internet, with no requirement for locally installed software. This results in lower front end costs and rapid implementation time.

Why Outsource your Business Apps?

No large capital investment required!

  • Rapid system implementation time

  • No danger of obsolescence for your computer systems.

  • Secure connections guaranteed

  • System administration is handled by experienced, trained personnel who are knowledgeable about information technology (IT) systems.

  • Most importantly, you will not have to build and maintain your own IT management and technical support staff.

  • Using our servers allows you to focus on the effective use of information results - not on the mechanics of getting those results. See Outsourcing for more information.

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