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Customer Service
The customer service module consists of five basic warranty and repair functions:

∑ Warranty definitions and control
∑ Service personnel definitions
∑ Customer service requests, tracking and resolution.
∑ A service request may include the creation of an accounts receivable invoice
   for chargeable material and labor services.
∑ Customer service contact definitions and contact control.

The user must be aware that the use of warranty based service requests is only possible when the service request can refer to a specific serialized unit. The tracking of warranties without a serial number reference is not possible.

Whitepapers are listed at the bottom of this page that further explain these areas.
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Customer Service Request DefinitionsFor serialized units in the field, the INFO.NET system provides both warranty control and service call support. With or without warranty data, the system will provide service call support including the assignment and tracking of service personnel and the selective automatic invoicing for provided service.

As a result of the processing of the service requests, the system will have a history of the reliability of serialized assemblies in the field. This history can be analyzed from a variety of viewpoints including assembly part number, failure reason codes and severity of failure.

The service request can also be used for material and labor charging, providing a basis for costing specific service requests.

Customer Service Personnel DefinitionsService personnel may consist of individual employees available for service calls, outside consultants that can be assigned to service calls or full inside or outside organizations with multiple individuals that can be assigned to service calls.

Customer Service Response (Actions Taken) The response to a customer service request includes the required activity dates, the employees involved in the service request resolution and if required, the exact actions taken to resolve the service problem.

Customer Service Request ResolutionThe closure of the service request will be handled through the service request resolution routine. This program will provide the opportunity to provide extended text describing the problem resolution. In addition the problem resolution will permit the user to see the labor and material that have been charged against the service request.
If this is a chargeable service request, it will result in an accounts receivable invoice being automatically generated for the customer.

Customer Service Problem AnalysisThe unit service history query is available to examine the service history for specific serial numbered parts. The program will show the serial numberís warranty status and an array of all of the unitís service requests.

By selecting a specific service request within the displayed array, the program will show the personnel that had been assigned to the service request and the material and labor charges that were made against the service request.

The notes created for the specific service request can also be viewed. Service requests can also be queried by user defined service problem reason codes.

Unit Service HistoryFor serialized units that are assigned one or more warranties, a unit service history will be created based on service calls and the response to these calls. At the time that a service call is closed, the unit service history table will be loaded with details of the service call and details of the cost of the unit service.

The service history record includes a user defined reason code that will enable MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) analysis for the unit as a whole, for all similar units in the field and for the specific failure reason noted by the reason code.

Interface to Invoicing SystemAt the time of service request resolution, the user will be given the opportunity to create an accounts receivable invoice for the incurred service charges. The service resolution routine will compute the current charges based on the labor and overhead rates established for service rates. Material used in the service request will be marked up by the service markup rate established by the user.

Serial Number ControlOnce serial number control is assigned to a part number, each inventory transaction performed for the item will require the entry of the same number of serial numbers as called for in the inventory transaction quantity. Serialized part numbers must also have a unit of measure of ďeachĒ and may only be transacted in integer quantities. The system will maintain the relationship between serialized components and serialized assemblies at all levels.

Serial numbers may be created internally within an entity or the serial number may be received from a purchasing vendor. Purchased serialized units may retain the vendor assigned serial number or a new serial number may be assigned, but the original vendor assigned serial number will be retained in the history of the serialized units.

Warranty control is available for serialized units, both for warranties assumed from a vendor and for warranties internally assigned. There is no limit on the number of warranties that may be assigned to a specific unit, and each assigned warranty may, optionally, be based on a specific monthly cost.

Vendor Warranty DefinitionsIf a vendor is supplying one or more warranties for an inventory item, the available warranties can be defined as a part of the itemís vendor approval record. If a separate payment is required to maintain the warranty, the A/P payment vouchers can be automatically created.

Warranty Tracking on Manufactured ItemsIf the user has assigned warranties to internally manufactured items, these warranties will be applied when the units are shipped to customer (along with any warranties supplied with purchased items) and will be recorded in the unitís warranty record.

Costed warranties definitions include controls as to the coverage. The system will automatically create invoices for the costed warranties during each period in which the warranty is in effect.

Customer Priority / Service Level DefinitionsIn order to provide additional visibility during the order entry, accounts receivable billing and / or customer service processes, customers can be assigned a numeric service level in a customer service level edit routine, which will be presented during each of the above procedures. Although the service level will not have an effect on the data editing, its display can be of use in the priorities employed during the order entry, accounts receivable and customer service procedures.

Customer Service Contact Definitions and ControlTo track outside customer service contacts, or any type of external contact, the contact system will provide a descriptive database of the contacts and contact sessions.

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