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Configuration not Customization

Info.Net is designed to allow USERS the ability to change functional parameters, report outputs, screen text and configure their own preferences.

The Info.Net system fits the way each user does business, instead of forcing the user to fit the system.

Every Info.Net user is given the ability to change the terminology on their own screens and reports. This can be accomplished only if they have the appropriate security access level.

The Info.Net system is built on a set of development tools that make it very easy for us to customize. If required, modifications can be made within a short time.

LAMAR Software's Development Team

We support your requirements with a development staff dedicated to your needs.

In the event that a customer needs specific custom programming, LAMAR Software offers these services at competitive prices. The easy development of specialized applications is an added benefit to our customers.

Few companies have 100% of their needs satisfied by a standard package.

Info.Net offers you the ability to customize reports, screens, menus and inquiries to meet your needs.

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