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In-House Installation

LAMAR Software offers the complete Info.Net system as an In-House Installation. Since 1996, we have been successfully implementing our enterprise applications into our client's internal networks.
LAMAR Software will work with you to create an implementation plan for the installation, configuration, and setup of the Info.Net system on your internal network or we will do it all for you.

Because Info.Net is a fully web-enabled system and runs over your internal network, you will never be confined to specific workstations within your company. Anyone with proper authorization will be able to log into the system from any computer that has a connection to your network.

Your users can e-mail, print, fax reports or data screens to anyone via your existing internal systems. This can be done via networked printers, fax machines, or email with your PC's, MAC's or Unix based workstations.

Due to Info.Net's architecture, maintenance of the system is confined to the server since no software is loaded on individual workstations.

LAMAR Software also offers an affordable all-in-one maintanence plan, which provides you with a support structure that will keep pace with your growing business.

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