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Cloud Access to Info.Net

There is no need to purchase and install software or invest in expensive computer hardware. The complete Info.Net system is outsourced for a minimal fee through our service. We operate our own server farms, providing secure and reliable information exchange. When you access the Info.Net software from the Cloud, you do not have to build a communication infrastructure to leverage enterprise-wide business applications. You simply access the Internet.

We offer Info.Net on our own servers. We take care of maintaining the system, backing up essential data, and upgrading the hardware and software.

You will not have to build and maintain your own IT management or technical support staff. We provide system administration support 12 hours a day, seven days a week. We will answer your technical support questions about the Info.Net Business Control System.

Complete system functionality is at your fingertips in return for a simple monthly fee. We have been successfully outsourcing Info.Net software since 1996.

For more detailed information about LAMAR Software's Software as a Service, see Cloud Access.

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