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LAMAR Software offers two different plans to meet your business requirements. In-house licensing or Cloud use of Info.Net.

Licensing for an Enterprise In-House Installation

  • Perpetual licensing is available for In-House Installations.

  • Info.Net licenses are available for a low one-time fee per Concurrent User.

  • A "Concurrent User" limit is determined as the maximum number of people using the system at any one time. (The number of individually named users does not determine or affect this limit.)

  • You can start with as few as five "Concurrent Users". Simply purchase more "Concurrent User" licenses as your needs expand.

  • We also offer a Monthly Software Support and Maintenance Contract.

  • Installation and implementation consulting both by phone and on-site are also available.

Monthly Maintenance Agreement Summary

Lamar Software provides this contract for a low per monthly fee. This agreement provides the following benefits:

  • All program enhancements
  • All program and documentation bug fixes
  • Monthly phone support hours
  • E-Mail consulting and support
  • Discounted On-Site Support
  • Discounted Custom Development and Modification

Cloud Access

We offer a completely outsourced business information system.
All that the user is required to have is:

  1. Network access to the Internet

  2. A workstation that supports Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later, Firefox version 5.0 or later, or Google Chrome.

  • This plan provides access to the complete Info.Net system, via the internet, at a low monthly cost for each listed user.

  • This plan also includes all the benefits of the Maintenance Agreement.

  • Contracts are on a monthly basis and can be canceled with 30-day notice.

  • Cloud pricing does require an initial set-up fee and the first and last months estimated monthly user cost.

  • Implementation consulting both by phone and on-site are also available.

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