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QuickStart Deployment Program

Most of the old design information systems require months to set up and costly training before they become useful.

LAMAR Software has developed a set of support tools and services that accelerate implementation and promote rapid training for users of the Info.Net system.

QuickStart was developed by LAMAR Software and our existing users to cut implementation time. The QuickStart deployment program contains a combination of implementation procedures and predefined business-rule selections that allow you to be running Info.Net applications in a fraction of the time normally required for other systems.

QuickStart also dramatically reduces the need for expensive third party consultants, so you start receiving the benefits of the Info.Net system immediately.

QuickStart uses a full project management system to plan and track each item of work that anyone has to do. LAMAR Software's support team will commit to an implementation schedule and will work with your staff to make sure that the schedule is met.

QuickStart reduces deployment time and cost by up to 75%, compared to other implementations.

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