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Remote Support

Web Based Internet Support

LAMAR Software provides phone conferencing and Web-based support services focused on making your use of Info.Net effective, efficient, and profitable.

Professional Telephone Support

LAMAR Software maintains a five-day-a-week "hot line" for support. Our telephone support people are fully experienced in the use of Info.Net, and will be able to help you immediately. In the event that you need support after hours, you can signup for an emergency telephone support service which is available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

All of our remote support services can be available as additions to the LAMAR Software Annual Maintenance Agreement.

LAMAR Software is committed to providing a complete range of support and professional services. These services will make your use of the Info.Net system effective, efficient, and profitable.

LAMAR support covers initial implementation, ongoing use, new business practices, custom system modifications, and "Best Practices" business consultation.

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