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About LAMAR Software

LAMAR Software is an Information Systems Developer and Application Service Provider offering a web based business system.

LAMAR Software has developed a complete business information system called Info.Net. It can be deployed as your corporate information system or used to enhance your current information system.

You can host Info.Net on your own server or use Info.Net via the Cloud.

Since 2003, the team has been providing Business System solutions to small to medium sized companies.

Mission Statement
The mission of LAMAR Software is: Give our customers access to an open, technologically innovative information system for companies from startup to Fortune 1000.
Industries Served
• Manufacturing and Contract Assembly
• Customer Service and Repair
• Distribution
• Construction
• Chemical Production
• Government Agencies
• Aircraft Instrumentation

LAMAR's Info.Net System
• All Browsers can Access
• Over 1000 User business applications
• Flexible rules-based operational parameters
• Rapid Implementation
• Affordable Pricing plans
• Instant scaleability with Cloud Access option

Professional Support Services
• Data Conversion Services
• Rapid Deployment Program
• Experienced On-line Training Staff
• Custom Development Team
• Remote and On-Site Support
• Procedures and Standards Consulting

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